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Timber Composite

The timber framed track is Bikeparkitect’s original and most versatile product. These structures have proven their durability in the harshest environments: from the deserts in Dubai to the snow of the French Alps. Top quality timber is cut and treated to protect against water and insects and all fasteners are rust proof.

Added to the timber frame is a fibreglass composite riding surface to give the perfect nonslip riding solution. Engineered for long life, low maintenance and high grip, this riding surface gives instant confidence to everyone riding the track.

Timber modular tracks are light enough to be transported to events and strong enough to be installed permanently in public spaces.

Quality Ecological Materials

  • Proprietary reinforced fibreglass non-slip riding surface
  • 17mm exterior premium grade European Birch film faced plywood
  • European Larch solid timber structure
  • Stainless steel and galvanised strengthening components
  • Stainless steel and zinc anodised hardware
  • Ecological resins and paints
  • Insect and weather-proofing
  • Vandalism resistant features

Shipped Worldwide To

  • Bike Parks
  • Holiday Parks
  • Resorts
  • Schools
  • Learn to Ride Programs
  • Playgrounds
  • Urban Spaces
  • Sport and Recreation Centres
  • Trail Networks
  • Mountain Sports Centres
  • Adventure Parks
  • Cycling Clubs


Speed Ring


Rideable Surface length 35.7m
Fits on 7 pallets
Net weight 1640kg
Speed Ring



Rideable Surface length 45.7m
Fits on 10 pallets
Net weight 1976kg



Rideable Surface length 47.7m
Fits on 10 pallets
Net weight 2052kg



Rideable Surface length 48.9m
Fits on 11 pallets
Net weight 2173kg

World Cup


Rideable Surface length 65.2m
Fits on 17 pallets
Net weight 2763kg
World Cup



Rideable Surface length 78.8m
Fits on 16 pallets
Net weight 3354kg



Rideable Surface length 93.4m
Fits on 19 pallets
Net weight 3818kg

Grand Prix


Rideable Surface length 104.1m
Fits on 20 pallets
Net weight 4299kg
Grand Prix



Rideable Surface length 149.9m
Fits on 30 pallets
Net weight 6139kg

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to assemble a Modular Pumptrack?

The average time for assembly is approximately 5 minutes per module per person. This means that a “Speed Ring” track can be installed by 2 people in about 90 minutes and a “World Cup” track in about 3 hours. On average disassembly takes roughly half as long as assembly.

On what surfaces can a Modular Pumptrack be installed?

The product can be installed on any flat surface not exceeding a 5% slope. The surface should be relatively smooth and free of any debris. The structure is not designed to span over undulations in the terrain and should be firmly in contact with the ground under all of its contact points.

What is the Riding Surface made from?

The riding surfaces are made of fibreglass composite material with a layer of an anti-slip system that Bikeparkitect developed in house with pro riders from all disciplines of wheeled sports and material experts. It can be easily repaired and repainted with materials that you can find at any hardware store.

Does the Modular Pumptrack come with a warranty

Yes. For timber composite modules Modular Pumptrack offer a 2 year warranty against all manufacturing and material defects and the precast concrete tracks come with a 15 year warranty.

How much space are we going to need?

The Modular Pumptrack system can be custom fitted to any size area. The minimum size is 6x17m and the maximum size is UNLIMITED, whatever your budget and imagination can accommodate.

Can we request custom colours?

Yes. There is a small surcharge for custom colour on the composite riding surface and manufacturing time is longer (6 weeks minimum) because these are not stock items. The fibreglass resin is saturated with the chosen colour so that even when the surface is scratched the same colour is found throughout the whole thickness. The sides of all of the parts are always the same colour.

How long is the structure going to last?

The minimum life expectancy of the timber composite tracks is 10 years. The precast concrete tracks are expected to last for over 20 years. These figures take into consideration properly scheduled maintenance and care.