It’s so fantastic to see Modular Pumptrack’s being enjoyed by all ages in local suburb’s across Australia.

Aussie kids are socialising and connecting with friends – face to face! While parent’s just love that their kids are having fun and being active – outside and near home.

Councils, Housing Developers and Landscape Architects understand that ‘being active through fun’ has enormous health and wellbeing benefits.

That’s why creating the perfect ‘local riding facility’ has become so important to get right. 

The Modular Pumptrack is a proven solution which can be ridden by all ages, all abilities, in all seasons, on bikes AND scooters AND skateboards – creating contagious fun!

The precise geometry of pre-engineered Modular Pumptrack modules = guaranteed riding flow all year round.  And by integrating the precast concrete tracks into the landscape, the tracks are proving to be very pleasing on the eye, environmentally friendly and very user friendly.

New local ‘suburban’ precast concrete track locations are in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, with more in the pipeline.

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