Helping connect families with holiday park cabins for sale

This month we spoke with April Whiston,  2017 Winner of the CARAVANCAMPINGSALES Future Leaders Award. April is taking on new parks, partnering with manufacturers and establishing connections within the industry in a way that has not been done before.

April has been employed as General Manager at their family owned and operated holiday park for four years. Merool on the Murray is a large park with a licence for 494 sites. She is also the sole founder of Cabin Connect.

April shared with us some very clever insights into her Cabin Connect initiative.

Cabin Connect, is essentially an online cabin brokerage service for clients who want to sell their onsite cabin or annual home and for people who are looking to buy the right cabin in the right holiday park – perfectly suited to them.

Launching Cabin Connect after identifying a gap in the market, April is enabling owners of annual or onsite cabins/vans to have a suitable marketing platform to promote their asset when they want to sell and making it easier for people to find a cabin to buy.

Cabin Connect was established as a concept in 2015. Over the past three years, this concept has been tried and tested in the founders own park, Merool on the Murray Holiday Park.

Proving to be a success and a much needed service in the Caravan and Camping – Cabin Industry, now in 2018 Cabin Connect is on the move!

Taking on new parks, partnering with manufacturers and establishing connections within the industry in a way that has not been done before.

Partnering with innovative suppliers in the caravan and camping industry like Parkitect Australia who offer the Modular Pumptrack – bike, scooter, skateboard riding system is helping parks realise their true value when selling their cabin and annual home assets.  People are looking to buy cabins in holiday parks that will cater for their families recreational needs – long term. 

April shares “the team at Modular Pumptrack have come on board to help parks achieve exactly that.  Our common passion is for more families to enjoy the outdoors sharing quality time connecting with their family and friends. Modern families are looking for safe, fun holiday parks to buy their cabin investment in. 

For many families, buying a cabin, onsite van or annual home in a holiday park is not only more affordable than buying a traditional holiday house, it also offers an enormous amount of additional benefits like recreational facilities, additional camping options for their family and friends and onsite safety.”

“Buying a cabin in a holiday park that offers a swimming pool, jumping pillow, modular pumptrack and a playground guarantees families a fantastic holiday whatever age the kids are and whatever the season is. It just makes good sense to invest in a cabin in a holiday park that offers something safe and fun for everyone. commented Shaun founder and director of Parkitect Australia.

April promotes: Sell your cabin with cabin connect. Buy a Cabin via Cabin Connect. Connect your trade business with potential customers via Cabin Connect. Advertise your related offering via Cabin Connect. It’s all achieved on one platform.

It’s about giving people options – we all want options to help us make good decisions and Cabin Connect offers exactly that.

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Grand Prix Modular Pumptrack for Victoria

Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park is now home to a world first 104 metre long Modular Pumptrack.

Starting out early Friday morning with the shipping container unpacked onsite, the custom blue Grand Prix track took shape in an iconic location adjacent to the lake surrounded by water. By the end of Day One the ‘Modular Team’ were riding the track. Chasing each other with massive grins.

This track is open for holiday park guests only and is perfect for riders of all ages on bikes, scooters and skateboards. Plus don’t forget the little ones on their balance bikes!

Please contact Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park for more information.

Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park

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What makes a caravan park the family destination of choice

Park Managers agree that one of the keys to their park’s success is great recreation equipment.

Giving guests plenty of recreational options within a park leads to increased bookings and an increased length of stay.  If the kids are happy, the parents and grandparents also enjoy themselves.

Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park in South Australia were the first to trial the new Modular Pumptrack during the summer of 2015. It resulted in an increase in night stays and expanded the parks database to include new families so they have gone ahead with a permanent installation.

General Manager of ATPM Andrew Chapman said, ” we want to have the latest and greatest features in our parks, but it’s important that they are family-focused and safe too.”

Put simply, the Modular Pumptrack is a playground for all wheels and all ages. Built to cater for bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller skates, children can ride their choice of wheels on the track, simultaneously with other riders. But don’t be fooled, it’s not just for kids, parents have been seen having a ball on the track as well.

Mr Chapman said the Modular Pumptrack complemented many other park facilities.

As a result of investing in this type of recreational equipment, they have seen families extend their stay while also inviting new friends to join them at the park. The net result was that the park was able to increase their revenue while expanding their database which in turn, promises new and return business.

There has been a recent explosion of families, and grandparents travelling with kids. This trend is set to continue.

Parks that are well equipped with recreational activities offer holidaymakers the freedom to allow their kids to explore the park, leaving behind their electronic devices and creating memories that will stay with them forever. These are the parks that will become the family destinations of choice.

More recently Modular Pumptrack Australia has installed tracks in ATPM Port Arthur Holiday Park, BIG4 Apollo Bay and Nagambie Lakes Leisure park.  Click on ‘Find A Track’ for all public and holiday park Modular Pumptrack locations.

Article extracts courtesy of Caravan Industry Association of Australia Industry Insider Magazine, December 2016.

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