Modular Pumptrack takes out the WIN!

We promised the inside story behind Modular Pumptrack founder Erik Burgon..but before we give you that, we thought we should share some very exciting news!!

Just before Christmas we caught up with Erik. Full of excitement and energy he announces ‘It’s official’ – we’ve done it!!

‘Winning the award for ‘Best Bike Infrastructure Company 2016 – Europe was the best Christmas present we could have ever received…It is the icing on the cake,  off the back of an already awesome year!’ Erik added.

Parkitect’s manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, formerly known as Bikeparkitect, employs a team of highly talented, reliable, dedicated and innovative people.  “Overheads are significantly lower than most other places in Europe enabling us to offer a far better ‘cost to quality’ ratio of our products than we could if we were based elsewhere” said Erik.

Parkitect have been setting the trends in the industry for many years and their plans for revolutionary products set for release will add a whole new dimension to our Aussie moto; Fun for All Wheels, All Ages.  Here at Modular Pumptrack Australia we can’t wait to see what smooth new ride they have come up with!

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Founder Erik Burgon explains his passion behind Modular Pumptrack

2017 will start off with us sharing an “inside story” when Modular Pumptrack founder Erik Burgon explains his passion behind the product…here’s a snippet of whats to come.

“Drawing from 15 years experience working in bike infrastructure around the world, Erik Burgon has created a product unlike any other.

Erik explains “The Modular Pumptrack is specifically designed to pack as much fun-per-square-metre, for as many users as possible, in one structure. The fundamental design principal being to allow anyone, of any age, of any ability, riding any kind of wheeled sports equipment, to enjoy riding around the track, safely and comfortable. The Modular Pumptrack bridges the generation gap, allowing families to come together and enjoy themselves all in one place and all at the same time.’

So far Modular Pumptracks have been installed in 40 countries around the world with Australia new to come onboard and they are loved by everyone, from toddlers on balance bikes, to preteens on scooters, to pro riders of all disciplines alike. Erik discusses more about his clients and why the product is so universally popular.

“We have been setting the trends in the industry for many years now, and we will continue to do so as we move forward. There are revolutionary products on the horizon…”

For the complete story we invite you back to our Blog page in January 17.

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