Local Pumptrack Park’s Proving Popular!

It’s so fantastic to see Modular Pumptrack’s being enjoyed by all ages in local suburb’s across Australia.

Aussie kids are socialising and connecting with friends – face to face! While parent’s just love that their kids are having fun and being active – outside and near home.

Councils, Housing Developers and Landscape Architects understand that ‘being active through fun’ has enormous health and wellbeing benefits.

That’s why creating the perfect ‘local riding facility’ has become so important to get right. 

The Modular Pumptrack is a proven solution which can be ridden by all ages, all abilities, in all seasons, on bikes AND scooters AND skateboards – creating contagious fun!

The precise geometry of pre-engineered Modular Pumptrack modules = guaranteed riding flow all year round.  And by integrating the precast concrete tracks into the landscape, the tracks are proving to be very pleasing on the eye, environmentally friendly and very user friendly.

New local ‘suburban’ precast concrete track locations are in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, with more in the pipeline.

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Most remote Modular Pumptrack in the world

You can imagine our surprise when we googled the ‘Australian township Laverton’ to find out that it’s claimed to be named after Dr Charles Laver who in 1900 arrived in the town on his bike!!

This was such a cool finding. You see here at Parkitect Australia HQ we were thick in preparations to send a modular pumptrack all the way from the Czech Republic to the most remote location a track has ever been sent to. ‘It’s a world first!’

You’ll find Laverton some 950km north-east of Perth via the Great Eastern Highway and Kalgoorlie in the far Northern Goldfields of Western Australia. The history of gold, nickel and the explorers in this region is nothing short of remarkable and prior to the arrival of Europeans the stunning desert area around Laverton had been inhabited by people from the Wangkathaa Aboriginal language group for thousands of years.

Free for all tourists and locals to enjoy, Laverton has officially opened it’s “Quadragon’ Modular Pumptrack offering 47 metres of rideable surface where the perfect geometry and precise engineered modules have created a track that all ages and all abilities can enjoy riding simultaneously with simplicity and lots of fun – all year round.

Shire president Patrick Hill commented “Since it’s been erected the kids haven’t been off it, it’s great, they absolutely love it.

“It was simple to put together, we can add to it and change it whenever we want.

“It’s terrific to see the kids take such interest in it and will be a great asset to the town.”

We love a great story like this. Seeing the biggest smiles on kids faces, the joy that it brings to parents, the successful results it delivers for councils and development groups is what makes our efforts to bring Parkitect Modular Pumptrack’s into Australia so worthwhile.

Happy, healthy Aussies on more wheels more often!

Click to watch this fantastic 1 minute video – thanks to the ABC https://www.facebook.com/ABCGoldfieldsEsperance/videos/337918216812282/

Credits with thanks and for more reading at: 1. The Western Australian: https://thewest.com.au/news/kalgoorlie-miner/pumptrack-big-hit-with-youth-ng-b881079697z  2. www.aussietowns.com.au

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