Stuck for something really fun for kids of all ages to do?

A Modular Pumptrack is the perfect solution. It will create the most awesome fun ever imaginable.                 It’s safe, easy to install and it’s been proven by thousands of kids and parents.

“Due to overwhelming positive community feedback and requests…..Council are working to achieve a permanent Modular Pumptrack installation. It is ideal for all ages and all ability levels.”

Linda Scholz OPAL Manager Alexandrina Council

At Modular Pumptrack

We help create amazing play spaces so that people of all ages can experience awesome fun on all styles of Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards and Blades. From the toddler on their balance bike to Dad on his favourite BMX – everyone is having fun on a Modular Pumptrack.

Having fun and enjoying a healthy active lifestyle is important and creating memories with family, friends and the local community is a big part of that.

So what is a Modular Pumptrack?

Put simply, our Modular Pumptrack consists of 10 perfectly designed and engineered modules made of either timber composite or precast concrete and when bolted together creates a perfect progressive riding track creating the best fun on bikes, scooters, skateboards and blades.

Track designs are unlimited. Just keep adding in modules to create the most awesome fun ever!

It’s the perfect playground and play space for all wheels and all ages, providing outstanding health and wellbeing benefits through fun.

A Modular Pumptrack manufactured by Parkitect (formerly known as Bikeparkitect), hails from Europe and is the most fitting ‘new draw-card’ recreational facility now available in Australia and New Zealand.  Modular Pumptrack (Australia) is the exclusive importer and distributor of the patented multi award winning Parkitect Modular Pumptrack System.

Modular Pumptracks can be installed permanently, semi permanently and even temporarily for special events.

Award Winning

Our Modular Pumptrack System is a patented, award winning, fully engineered modular design which can be very easily tailored to suit individual needs. Manufactured in Europe by Parkitect, formerly known as Bikeparkitect.

Bike Buller Warehouse
Modular Pumptrack Awards

Multiple Award Winning Design

Best Bike Infrastructure Company 2016 – Europe
ISPO 2016/2017 Gold Winner Award for Sports Infrastructure
Winner of the 2015 Eurobike Gold Award
Winner of the ISPO 2014/15 Summer Sport Innovation Award
Winner of the BUDMA Gold Medal Award for excellence in product design

Stuck for something that will draw all ages?

Re-activate a space like an old tennis court or piece of unused land, engage and excite your customers or your local community. It’s that simple with the easy installation of a Modular Pumptrack. It’s the most proven new draw-card recreational facility for your indoor or outdoor space in Australia and New Zealand. Nothing activates a range of age groups and multiple users at the same time, like a Modular Pumptrack.

Friendly on the environment. Easily installed around existing infrastructure.  It can be easily shared between local communities, regional townships, holiday park groups, sporting clubs and associations, riding education centres and more. The applications are endless.

Flexible and fast

With easy and quick setup, pack-down and reconfiguration of the track, your space can be transformed in as little as a couple of hours, into an action packed, crowd pleasing, all wheel entertainer.

Entertains all year round

With the ability to set up indoor or outdoor and switch between the two in a minimum of time, transitioning between seasons is easy. Whether it is to engage riders indoors in winter for snow regions or rainy areas, or to transform a tennis court space into a bike track with minimal fuss, the flexible, responsive Modular Pumptrack System allows maximum benefit from minimal space and resources.

Fun for all ages

From the early stages of riding a balance bike or scooter to the hard to keep entertained teenagers and the adults who never grow up,  a Modular Pumptrack is the best fun for absolutely everyone – including spectators!  Our newly developed ‘Entry and Exit’ ramps make it even easier to join in the fun or exit for a rest.

Health & Community Benefits

Modular Pumptracks are perfect for creating a healthy, socially inclusive, fun environment

  • Provides a genuine intergenerational play space
  • A very relatable play space across all cultures
  • All ages can ride at the same time
  • All skill levels can ride at the same time
  • Variety of wheels can ride at the same time
  • Encourages exercise and physical activity through fun
  • Offers a totally unique – one of a kind – experience

Ideal for:

  • Families with very young children to teenage and older
  • Children learning to balance
  • Youth who love all wheeled sports
  • General fitness for all ages
  • Wheel sport enthusiasts looking for a challenge
  • Cycling athletes keen to improve skills
  • Dad’s who never grow up!

Benefits for track owners:

  • Proven product that attracts families
  • High level of public satisfaction
  • Re-activate unused space i.e old tennis court, waste land
  • Creates a play space for all ages
  • Customised to your environment and infrastructure
  • Easy to install and expand or change configuration
  • Can be moved or relocated
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Why a Modular Pumptrack?

Modular Pumptrack Systems hold significant advantages over traditional dirt pump track build methods. Our patented design and manufacturing methods are award winning, while the perfect riding flow created by perfectly engineered modules simply cant be ignored when considering a pump track play space solution. We understand when it comes to rider safety, you’ll only want to invest in a designed track that is proven by thousands upon thousands of riders, from beginner to the most experienced pro-rider and that’s where we come in. Parkitect’s global success gives you that trust you are looking for. Read more here

Quality Assurance

Our patented Modular Pumptrack Systems are built in a controlled environment by highly skilled people. Quality is paramount and each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection before being shipped off for installation.

Health and Safety Certificates

Traditional build methods like dirt or asphalt are difficult to certify and can be expensive to insure. Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks have health and safety certificates for each module giving the investor absolute piece of mind. Rider safety is our mutual responsibility.

Low Maintenance Costs

The yearly cost of maintaining a Modular Pumptrack is significantly lower than any other build method. With materials like dirt, clay, pour in place concrete or asphalt, investors will need to constantly check for and repair damage from everyday use, weather and erosion.


Modular Pumptracks are significantly less expensive than most other materials because of their prefabricated nature. The cost of wholesale materials vs retail and the shorter time required to manufacture in a controlled environment ensures the investor gets the most “pump” for their money.


Having the ability to expand a track within a recreation facility or within a growing community is fundamental. Larger projects can be split up into several phases, spanning several years; or a “safe first step” can be taken without the financial risk of a huge scale project. We create designs solutions to help every stage of your project. Our goal is to ensure your track creates the most fun a rider can have so that they fall in love with riding it and hence keep coming back for more. Seeing a play space activated with such excitement and being a huge success for you – is why we love doing what we do!


The tracks are engineered to cater to the widest range of sports, age groups and skill levels possible. They can be simultaneously enjoyed by cyclists, skateboarders, scooters, roller/inline skates and just about anything else on wheels. Whether you are just starting out or a top athlete, fun and fitness are guaranteed!

Neighbour Friendly

Modular Pumptracks are friendly on the environment and beautiful to look at. Problems with traditional build methods such as mud, dust, and poor aesthetic properties are all avoided with a Modular Pumptrack system. They create a community environment by catering to a vast population and bridging the generation gap between age groups.

Installation Method Choice

All Modular Pumptrack products can either be installed temporarily without the need for project documentation or building permits; OR permanently as part of a larger scale recreational facility, playground, play space or park space.


If for some reason, at some time in the future, the track needs to be relocated, it is just a matter of hours to disassemble and reinstall the pumptrack in a new location. For this reason Modular Pumptracks retain their value and can be resold at any point during their lifetime.